Monday, November 24, 2008


Hey Lovlies! I've had a computer malfunction so i truly apologise for my lack of posts! Will post A.S.A.P when my work gets recovered! While i make note of this I'd like to thank everyone who had been reading my blog =) i always look forward to reading all comments from all the bloggers around! Hope all is well for everyone!

Also, I am extremely flattered and thankful to have received an "E for excellent" award from the lovely DiamondsinChampagne (One of my daily read blogs! Fabulous updates on everything fashion related =)

I will be passing this award onto the following excellent blogs, my list is limited as some blogs have already been awarded =D:
Brigadeiro - Amazing sense of style. All of her pieces are so unique I end up wanting new clothes for my wardrobe!
Fashion Tidbits - I just started reading Fashion Tidbits and all posts are intriguing!
Warm Pajamas- Personal style diary which is fabulous

My final two would have been of course DiamondsinChampagne and Purse Addict who have already been awarded.