Friday, February 27, 2009

Who wore it better? Diane Kruger or Lindsay Lohan

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Alexander Wang Stretch Mesh Combo Dress $796

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LOVE said...

Madame Dior! I'm so glad your back, it's seriously been a while. I voted for Diane. Though I think Lindsay looks great, it's not a too good angle.

P.S. Where have you been so long?

Madame Dior said...

Hi there LOVE, i'm glad to be back :D, i agree on the bad angle too, i just covered Lindsay face when i voted, i didn't want to be bias as Diane Kruger is one of my fav celebs hehe

My very long absence is due to my enrollment in Fashion Design (i dropped out of Uni), it was a long and torturous process that took up alot of my time as i had to do an entrance exam and portfolio to apply =/ but in the end it payed off! i got accepted in last month and start next week =]

Brigadeiro said...

I too voted for Diane, although it would've looked better without the tights (or if tights were a must, I think they almost needed to be very very opaque...might be wrong there...)

OOh! You start next week! You must be so incredibly excited! :)

Jú ; said...

Heey, I'm from Brasil, and I always read your blog, love it!
I can't write so much, because my english is terrible! :)

LOVE said...

Lol, so I take it you don't like her look too much. I think she's been doing pretty well lately, not bad, but not excelent just good. Diane is just amazing! She wore a Valentino S/S 09 dress recently. :)

Wow, I hope you do good in design school. Maybe one day we'll see some of the celebs wearing yur stuff. Hope all goes well can't wait to see more posts.

AusAnna said...

linday has my vote too.
madame your added to my link list hope we can exchange. x