Monday, November 3, 2008

On screen: Privileged

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diamondsinchampagne said...

So very cute and feminine.
I have not heard of this show before!

christina said...

hello there!
oh i love the style on privileged. the show is nothing compared to gossip girl but the clothes are very cute and wearable. i really like that dress rose is wearing as well!
i know i havent updated in forever but i have been busy with uni as well. i actually didnt buy that much in london but im actually at uni here in england so i will probably be going back sometime soon!
- thank you so much for your comments on my outfits! after you said that about the skirt i immediately went to to refresh my memory on the proenza collection and i saw it is quite a close match to the one skirt!
hope you`re well!
ps. sorry for the essay....