Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who wore it better? Mischa Barton v.s Kimberly Stewart

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source: mischa-b, zimbio


diamondsinchampagne said...

I can't believe I voted Mishca, but she really looked more elegant in it. The colour was a better choice too for the design.

Brigadeiro said...

I'm the opposite of diamondsinchampagne...I can't believe I voted Kimberly Stewart (not a fan of hers at all, whereas I used to like Mischa's style), but the deeper colour, and funky haircut, just makes the dress more 'powerful' and striking...Although they're both gorgeous.

Madame Dior said...

diamondsinchampagne - Mischa use to look so good! I suppose celebs tend to wander when they no longer have a stylist

Brigadeiro- i was so close to voting for Stewart as the navy is simple and elegant and just stunning!I use to be a big fan of Mischa's as well, sadly
that was when Rachel Zoe was her stylist, her clothes now are so ..I'm not sure, it seems like she's trying to be more rough around the edges =/ but its not really working!