Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Tag Time!

I've been tagged by the gorgeous Everybody Says Don't to uncover my 7 songs for spring..well it's winter in Australia =]

I don't have any must listen to songs but these are the usuals on my music list:
1. Lily Allen/The Kooks - Naive
2. Labels or Love - Fergie
3. Blue Skies - Ella Fitzgerald
4. Pavane - Regina Carter
5. What You're On - Rogue Traders
6. Whip it - Devo
7. Vogue - Madonna

Since many have already been tagged, I tag the lovely bellechantelle, Avenue A, Kira Fashion, Supercalifashionista, Beja Beja, Shopping for Labels, Because I've already got love, and Ragamala.


Ida said...

Thank you for tagging me, I feel so honored. I am only sorry that I did the tag a week ago, but nonetheless: Thank you, and I LOVE your blog.

The idea of it is so original and impressive, and the execution - flawless. Keep up the amazing work!!

aizat.cinta.goddess said... the song selection!love the blue sky!

Kira Fashion said...

than ks for tagging me!!!!
you are at my links of the day!

about my songs, i really enjoy a lot of musicians and bands, basically about rock and pop. I love: Madonna, Belle and sebastian, smashing pumpkins, oasis, cat power (new york song is the best!!!)

a kiss!!!
see you!

MR style said...

hahha madonna's vogue was such a classic !!!

NICOLE said...

lol i am quite new to this blogging thing so i also dont know what to do with tags? so i am asking... what do i do lol

Times of Glory said...

The songs are so lovely! Wowwwwwww, how classic, blue sky is beautiful xx

Imelda Matt said...

Who doesn't love Vogue!!!!!